• Registration Fee:….$80 (after May 2nd, fee increases to $125)
  • New Student Fee:…$60 (a one-time fee for new students to CA)
  • Smart Tuition Fee:…$50 (due with first payment)
  • Book Fees: Rates for books differ from grade-to-grade and will be determined in July. These will be sent out in August and divided among the September and October tuition payments.


  • Kindergarten through 8th grade: $4,500 or 10 equal payments of $450.
  • Multiple Child Discount: please contact Christ Academy for details.

All tuition will be collected through Smart Tuition.

The first tuition payment will be due September 5, 2019 and the last tuition payment will be due June 5, 2020.

*all prices subject to change*